Personal data processing declaration

When processing personal data AmRest s.r.o. uses the following companies as recipients of personal data:

  1. Companies providing delivery of ordered goods in individual areas;

  2. 3e Kolczyński, Liżewski, Gędziorowski, Rostocki Spółka Jawna, with its registered office at Podbipięty 51, 02-732 Warsaw, Republic of Poland, which manages the information systems necessary for the operation of KFC Rozvoz;

  3. PayU SA, with its registered office at Poznań (60-166), Grunwaldzka 182, Republic of Poland, which in some cases secures payments for ordered goods;

  4. DARK SIDE a.s., with its registered office at Jankovcova 1037/49, Holešovice, 170 00 Prague 7, Company Identification Number: 241 94 409, which provides marketing communications and web site management;

  5. Conectart s.r.o., with registered office at K Žižkovu 851/4, Vysočany, 190 00 Prague 9, Company Identification Number 247 28 055, which provides the operation of the call center;

  6. Benhauer spolka z ograniczoena odpowiedziaelnoscia, with its registered office at ul. Grzegórzecka 21, 31-532 Krakow, Republic of Poland, which ensures the sending of marketing communications;

  7. Decoy Agencja Reklamowa, with its registered office at Prusa 1/43, 50-319 Wroclaw, Republic of Poland, which provides marketing communications.

The recipients of personal data have access to your personal data only to the extent necessary for their activities. After the expiration of the period mentioned in text of your consent, your personal data will be deleted.

Your personal data will not be transferred outside of the European Union.

AmRest s.r.o. respects your rights relating to the processing of your personal data. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data by sending a message to the below mentioned email or postal address of registered office of AmRest s.r.o. However, withdrawal of your consent will not affect the processing of your personal data performed until you have withdrawn your consent.

In addition, you have the right to access the personal data, right to rectification and erasure of personal data, right to restriction of processing, data portability and the right to file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection or to the competent authority of another Member State of the European Union.

Providing of your personal data is voluntary, but without providing your personal data you will not be able to obtain the benefits associated with your KFC Rozvoz account and / or to obtain information about special offers, discounts and news.

For more information about processing of personal data by AmRest s.r.o. see https://kfcrozvoz.cz/terms-of-use and https://kfcrozvoz.cz/pda

In case of any inquiries, comments or submissions concerning the processing of your personal data, please contact AmRest s.r.o. by sending a message to osobniudaje@amrest.eu or to the registered office of the company at the address Walterovo náměstí 329/3, 158 00 Prague 5. AmRest s.r.o. also appointed a Data Protection Officer, TARPAN Legal s.r.o, advokátní kancelář, which you can contact at poverenec@tarpanlegal.com, tel. (+ 420) 277 007 055, or at City Empiria, Na Strži 1702/65, 140 62 Prague 4.